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Custom Opal Tee (Files 11-21)

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Please read below:

If you'd like to order a file listed here you can select it in the drop down menu below with your desired size. 

If you'd like to order your own Opal Tee with a seamless file that you have then please select "Custom Seamless File" below and purchase. After purchasing please email the seamless file to me along with your order number. 

**Make sure the file is SEAMLESS. You can find seamless files on ETSY or other small shop designs groups. 

If there is an issue with your file we will reach out via email/text to advise you of what is needed. Sending a file that is NOT seamless could result in cancelation or delay with your order. 


If you'd like an Opal Tee with a pattern and solid color than I need you to list that in the notes with the solid color you'd like. We can match any color exactly that is in the pattern.